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About New York Times Crossword 

New York Times is one of the most prestigious and popular newspapers in USA. It regularly publishes daily and weekly crosswords online which are quite popular among general audiences. These crossword puzzles are played by millions of people every day. The New York Times Crosswords are managed by popular puzzle maker and Editor Will Shortz. He not only constructs the puzzles himself but also publishes other constructor’s puzzles too. He has been with the New York Times since 1993.

The New York Times Crosswords are published daily. Usually the easiest crosswords are published on Monday and as the days pass by, the crossword starts getting difficult. The most complicated puzzle is published on Saturday. The Sunday Crossword is quite large and is also circulated in New York Times Magazine. It is considered an integral part of American culture. There are many other games as well such as Sudoku. To play New York Times Crossword, you need to be subscribed. However, The Mini Crossword can be played without subscribing. The puzzles are based on several themes for example, movies, history, games, songs, news, and pop culture.

The New York Times Crossword team is led by Will Shortz since 1993. He is a very famous personality and has won several awards for his contributions. Will is regarded as a legend in the Crossword community. Other editors include Sam Ezersky and Brenden Emmet Quigley. There have been some controversies involving the New York Times Crossword. There have been several instances of puzzles where racist, sexist or demeaning words were clued as answers. The newspaper has since apologized for these unfortunate incidents.

New York Times Crossword Content

Each year, The New York Times host a Super Mega Crossword Contest in which you can participate to win a $1000 prize money. The big crossword is 50×50 squares in size and published in the Puzzle Mania section of the newspaper. If you solve the puzzle successfully, you can send the solution to the New York Times Crossword team and they will randomly choose a winner from the entries to reward the $1000 prize. The runner-ups are also given some prize. This contest is held since 2018 and each year thousands of people take part in it.

You can easily play New York Times puzzles on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. There is a dedicated New York Times Crossword app available for Android users which can be downloaded from Google Play. Millions of people already play these amazing crossword regularly. If you’re looking to solve exciting and unique puzzles, then be sure to play New York Times Crossword.

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