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18-March-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | The NYT Crossword Answers

  1. N.Y.C. institution awarded an honorary Oscar for changing the public's perception of movies (1979)
  2. Like the sound of "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," per the song of the same name
  3. To an extreme
  4. Group of stars
  5. They're up for debate
  6. Like the saying "You win some, you lose some"
  7. "That would change everything," in internet lingo
  8. Fodder for an analyst
  9. Word in several font names
  10. Understand
  11. "You can count on me"
  12. Replacer of some names
  13. Nano technology, once?
  14. "A" overseas
  15. Online publication whose motto is "Cure ignorance"
  16. "Exactly!"
  17. Latest thing
  18. Poker game?
  19. Response to thumb-biting in "Romeo and Juliet"
  20. Connecting, for short
  21. Merry air
  22. Bracken, e.g
  23. Feel, somehow
  24. Trade barbs
  25. Huang who wrote "Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir" (2013)
  26. Deceives
  27. Word with shoot or door
  28. Marine Corps protectors, for short
  29. French for "canvas"
  30. Not going anywhere
  31. Dinner for two at Burger King, maybe
  32. Public image, in brief
  33. Some undergrad degs
  34. Waits on
  35. Percussion instrument that can be tuned to a pitch
  36. Dobrev of "The Vampire Diaries"
  37. Trickster in Polynesian mythology
  38. World capital located partly on Bygdøy Peninsula
  39. Tiny biter
  40. Schemer's mantra
  41. Many an emoticon
  42. Activist who said "You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right"
  43. What a retractable pen lacks
  44. Gets behind
  45. Theme for a troubadour
  46. Question before entering a room
  47. "Going Back to ___" (LL Cool J platinum single)
  48. Hand (out)
  49. Rebecca in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame
  50. Name meaning "long-lived" in Arabic
  51. Inits. for a trip
  52. Put off
  53. Vocal feature
  54. Groups of whales
  55. Words that form other words when read backward
  56. Additional solutions?
  57. It's a mouthful, frankly
  58. Some graduate degs
  59. Snack item split by Ross and Rachel in the pilot episode of "Friends"
  60. "___ everybody?"
  61. "Yes, ___!"
  62. Many offshoots
  63. Experimental nonmelodic genre
  64. In common
  65. Flight component
  66. Max. or min
  67. Gaffel Kölsch, Augustiner Helles and others
  68. Citrus also known as "uniq fruit"
  69. Rides with runners
  70. ___ Effiong, role on TV's "Sex Education"